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Greek Hotel of the Year 2021

Cretan Malia Park, a member of Design Hotels, Crete

Proudly local, fully entrenched in its surroundings and the bearer of a finely crafted Greek identity, Cretan Malia Park presents a hideaway in every sense. Enveloped by an idyllic locale that is rooted in an ancient history, the sprawling property is inextricably linked to the island of Crete. The property brings boutique-style hospitality to the big stage. Combining a catalogue of facilities — including an outstanding selection of restaurants and bars — with a beachside location and a contemporary 2019 redesign by Vana Pernari Architecture Studio, Cretan Malia Park is a laidback hub, where effortless style and a well-executed sustainability strategy converge for a hotel that is grounded in the past but exists firmly in the present.