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Greek Hotel of the Year 2021

Ekies All Senses Resort, Chalkidiki

Adhering to “barefoot” philosophy, Ekies Resort expanded its offerings to include 15 newly designed rooms, a redesigned pool area and a new lobby. The core of the building, the reception-lobby, is made by mosaic floor and raw plaster walls, resembling a “cave”-entrance to the complex. Suites draw inspiration from old Greek mansions and from the area’s monastery spiritual history creating a minimalistic aesthetic, an ascetic atmosphere, as they open towards the light. Raw materials, such as concrete flowing surfaces create baths and lounge areas. Concrete ceiling, wooden separation doors, linen fabrics and mosaic or ceramic floors that invite guests to walk barefoot, open directly to the main pool through green areas. Around the pool redesigned landscape, shady corners and sculptural “beach” area create an “oasis” in complex’s core.