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Greek Hotel of the Year 2020

Ekies All Senses Resort

Inspired by the variety and wealth of the Greek cuisine, chef Dimitris Pamporis has been working consistently with one vision in mind: to modernise the culinary delights of Greece by using local products and his imagination. This unique approach has won him a variety of awards, including a Chef’s Golden Cup award for his work at Treehouse restaurant and a Greek Cuisine award for Bubo. Bubo’s ingredients are fresh, locally-sourced and pure. The art de la table is done the Ekies way, and we will spoil you with different little delicacies that the chef has prepared for you. Treehouse offers great, unobstructed views of the sea, as well as a bit more privacy, making it ideal for couples or groups of friends. Its special menu is as ‘elevated’ and unique as the rest of this extraordinary experience.