The Artist, Athens

The Artist Athens, a member of HotelBrain, has its stable values. But at the same time it gives you the impression that nothing is stagnant and permanent. Like a living canvas constantly shaped by the people, their moods and the authentic life of the city, reminds you that every moment conceals a form of art. Each floor and every space is like a small well-directed scenery that has its own story and makes you want to join the plot.

Athens Christokopidou SPA Residence, Athens

Athens Christokopidou SPA Residence by Butterfly Hotel Operators is the ultimate disruption in urban hospitality since it is a small design boutique hotel with multiple SPA facilities located in the heart of Athens.

SanSal Boutique Hotel, Crete

Just a ten-minute walk from the city center SanSal Boutique Hotel is the new hot spot of the town offering unobstracted views of the Cretan Sea from most rooms and suites, minimalistic design and an infinity pool on the 7th floor.