The Syntopia Hotel

Syntopia – derived from the Greek ‘topos’, meaning ‘place’ – is a barefoot-luxury haven for the next generation of global travellers. Design is paramount – clean, contemporary lines dressed up in smart high-spec finishes, accented with subtle pops of natural textures. Light spaces that flow seamlessly into each other and harmonise with our lush Cretan surroundings. Pools coated with innovative micro-pebbles to mimic the sea, and a swish street-food canteen that’s fast and flavoursome but never fussy.
Tropical splashes of foliage, hand-made ceramic bathroom fittings, intriguing knick-knacks from all over the globe – all delivered in a laid-back, friendly setting.

The Pinnacle Athens

Designed in the 70s by the prominent architect Varagis in the style of Athenian Modernism is the tallest building at the Commercial Triangle resembling a mini skyscraper! A complete renovation project resulted in a “classic-with-a-twist” complex of Spacious Suites in the style of Urban Eclecticism.Bespoke furniture, gold & silver details, velvet curtains, wooden floors & vintage wallpapers compose a scenery of comfort & urban luxury. English teapots, toile de jouy fabrics, old keys & hats along with paintings & gravures, were carefully chosen to give a familiar & welcoming character.