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Zinas Villas, Mykonos

Zinas Villas, a member of HotelBrain, is a collection of Fine Villas in the island of Mykonos constructed and maintained only out of our real love for hospitality and life experiences. The collection counts 10 villas in total. All decorated by the famous designer Panos Zinas, the estates offer the very best view of Mykonos island during day and night, they are totally protected from the winds and beyond anything else they are “the” place to stay in Mykonos- as the most unforgettable experiences and events take place in Zinas Villas.

Art Blue Villas, Lefkada

Art Blue Villas, a member of HotelBrain, consist of 6 independent villas with contemporary architecture, elegant design, sophisticated decor and modern comforts. The Art blue villas offer facilities of the highest quality while blending in with the big blue and natural wonders of the Ionian.High quality aesthetics, with attention to detail and authenticity, is Art Blue Villas main characteristic. The elements that harmoniously compose the residence interiors include wood, marble, granite, earth tones, furniture hand-built by traditional craftsmen and unique works of art. Romantic cobbled pathways discretely illuminated at night snake through lavender and jasmine. The colours and fragrance of the flowers delight the senses, offering an enthralling experience.

Dikoarch, Chalkidiki

Dikoarch is a residence to experience luxury and serenity. A place full of history. An unspoiled promontory, 6.000sq. meters area in Ηalkidiki, among an exquisite Mediterranean garden and ancient olive trees, where the five-bedroom holiday house sprawls. However, this project is not a typical vacation residence. It is about an idea to create new visions to people that seek after to experience unique style, to people that are interested real art and know estimate the magnificent beauty of the nature. This house has much more to offer you than the sea and the view.